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Our Mission

We empower students and rural communities through bridge construction projects. These experiential learning opportunities build field experience, engineering intuition, and global awareness for our members while addressing poverty caused by rural isolation. We spend the year designing our footbridges and travel during the summer where we collaborate with communities to complete the structure.

Our Year

This past summer, we completed two bridge builds, one in Edlembeni Swaziland (76 meters) and one in Chosco, Bolivia (73 meters).

Our program provides experiential learning opportunities that teach lessons which traditional education cannot. Our students learn Management skill, international non-profit finance, cross-cultural communication, constructibility and engineering intuition. We have 60% female leadership.

Our Future

This year, we are seeking a sponsor to support our organization budget of $25,000 to cover construction equipment and materials. This corporation will gain exclusive advertising rights to our projects and access to our students and CU engineering. Corporations can also sponsor individuals at $1500 per student to cover travel expenses, food, and lodging.

Individuals, friends, and families are welcome to contribute to our cause. Contact us via email under the contact page, or donate directly using this link:


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